The very first land-based casino opened in 1638 in Italy. It was named Casino di Venezia. In effect, it set the standard for how all other casinos were constructed. The basic layout of this first casino shaped the future of land-based casinos, online casinos and even VR casinos. When online casinos hit the scene, players jumped on board because of the fantastic benefits of being able to play from home. Then, the availability of online gambling became even more convenient with mobile gaming. Players can now play anywhere and anytime. The most significant movement forward is VR gaming. Players can have a truly immersive experience without ever leaving the couch.

Land-based casinos, like and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, see the awesome possibilities virtual reality games offer. Therefore, these casinos released a VR experience for gamers inside the casinos. The Orleans Virtual Zone is a VR experience inside their casino. Basically, players can battle each other for prizes. Of course, land-based casino owners are embracing VR technology to entertain and wow guests. The MGM Grand has Zero Latency, which is a full-motion VR gaming experience set up in a large 450 square foot space.